I believe that art is not an isolated medium, but rather a networking of our lives, people we spend time with and the creative thinking that comes from that. I re-contextualize this into my personal perspective. My commitment is to open communication that promotes dialogue with others, I am only the conduit. As an Artist and “Creative Cultural Anthropologist”  my work is fueled more by collaborative work. My work leads me, I follow and am often surprised at the direction. I do not strive for the answers but to activate thoughts and questions among others. I am always open to exploration and interpretation.

In 2017  Lynn Moyers and I created a social interactive project www.connectingus20.com celebrating the life of my Mother Gracie Strom  - owner of the Sea Hag in Depoe Bay, Oregon “Gracie played the Bottles”, mom was a feminist and performance artist by circumstance.

Connecting US 20was a FREE traveling art event in libraries that increased awareness of local commonalities and differences across the country. Community libraries were the catalyst for linking local writers and art across America’s longest highway. The journey is described on the connectingus20 website and features a short documentary to show the events in action.